Our Investments

Navi Consult: Navi Consult was originally founded in 1997 and was a consultancy company specialized within the areas of strategy, business development, crisis management and human resources. Navi Consult was acquired and merged into Surveillance Group in 2007, and the processes and tools applied are now serving as the core of Surveillance Group’s offerings within the consultancy area.

e-staters a/s: e-staters a/s was founded in 2008 in Denmark and was the result of more than 3 years of intensive software development. The business concept is to connect people who have invested in leisure estate abroad to local facility management providers, who offer service flexible service solutions. The e-staters platform is an all-in-one platform containing easy-to-use subscription options, advanced payment systems and full transparency for the home owner. At the same time, it is a sophisticated resource planning and administration system for the facility management provider, thereby offering unique value to all involved parties. Investment exited 2012.

WebAdvancers A/S: WebAdvancers ApS was founded in 2008 and is a software development company with offices in Denmark and Ukraine. The offerings are a widespread variety of programming languages and databases as well as highly experienced project management. Add to that a remarkably low labour cost and remove the risk by applying our “All inclusive” concept, and the value proposition becomes obvious. Investment exited 2014.

GodsMyrerne ApS: GodsMyrerne ApS was founded in 2015 with Surveillance Group as the lead investor. The company is a highly specialized transportation company, and tends to be a disruptive player in the industry. Being profitable from day one and outgrowing the vast majority of competitors, this is a company to watch closely…